Welcome to Spanking List

This new website has been created to allow spanking enthusiasts place genuine, paid ads to find other likeminded spanking enthusiasts.

Whether you are a spankee, or a spanker, we have just what you want, with a private message service, paypal options and discounted ads.

You can place an Ad for as little as £1.50

This website intends to be the best spanking website around – with FREE sign up and FREE advert perusal.

We plan to constantly upgrade and improve the site – with an inevitable store and galleries to come!

How to get started

To create an advert, just click Add Ad from the menu above, if you haven’t already registered you can via that page, or we can create you an account once you have created an Advert.

These adverts are Personal Ads, you can add as many photos as you want, you can add Location, Descriptions, Contact Details and you can receive private messages via the website and your account.

If you would like to place a Banner Ad throughout the website, please contact us via the contact page or email us at admin@spankinglist.co.uk 

Happy Spanking!!